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2455Re: Anyone SOBO from Happy Isles early August?

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  • e1705email
    Jul 1, 2008
      LostHillsGuy Group,

      I have a schedule posted at TrailJournals.com. I really don't know
      how well I will do, but have planned to be a little slower than you.
      I will be fishing along the way, but have to average 10 miles per day
      with room for 3+ layover days at that pace. Am not exiting at
      Whitney, but continuing on the HST to end up on the Western side of
      the Sierras, so 30 days total. Sounds like a good plan, but then, so
      did a lot of others . .

      IF things go according to schedule, should arrive in YV around 2pm on
      the 5th. Will need to get wilderness permit, a fuel canister and a
      fishing license (at Curry village, I think). Did consider leaving
      right then and not waiting for a 'legal' start on the 6th (maybe this
      is allowed, I don't know). While I am prepared to hike at night, and
      enjoy it, a lot of scenery is missed in the dark, so may spend the
      night at Backpacker's camp and start early on the 6th. I don't
      remember ever going 'into' Yosemite park from the highway so this
      will have a first time feel to it. Don't want to miss out on good
      things by being in haste.

      Have learned some about you by googling 'losthillsguy'.

      Let the adventure continue.

      Walking in peace,


      Plan on hiking alone but look forward to
      > Hey H,
      > The LostHillsGuy group is leaving H. I. on the 6th also. We are
      going to be staying in Curry the night before. What are your plans
      the night before?
      > What is your pace? We are doing the 21 day itinerary.
      > Brian
      > LHG
      > e1705email <df@...> wrote: Hi Josh,
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