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2450Re: North to South Short trip from YV to Reds Meadow ???

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  • hmdsierra
    Jun 30, 2008
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      When my wife and I started JMT our trip ended there six days later.
      We were moving very slow as our packs were quite heavy. When my 10
      year old Son, a friend and I did JMT my friend left us there due to
      knee problems. We had left most of our food at Red's Mdw and only took
      enough from YV to get there so we moved a bit faster. We were there
      in five and a half days and had stopped early in Tuolumne Mdw. A few
      years later my friend and I did it again for a week trip but started
      at TM. We took a couple of days off and a couple of half days and
      moved slow. I think it is a very good trip, good scenery and good
      fishing. It is easy to do in a week and give you plenty of time to
      look around. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "tm30w06" <tm30w06@...> wrote:
      > Hi....I have not posted to this site before but joined because I was
      > interested in putting together a trip with my brother in law! Because
      > of schedules neither of us at this point has the chance or time to do
      > the whole JMT and I was wondering if someone could offer any input here
      > for me ?? I bought the official book from Barnes and noble ( this book
      > is really nice by the way I think ! ) and it give mileage for distances
      > between point A and point B. In the listings it shows that from the
      > northern terminus in Y.V down to Red's meadow its about 58 miles or so.
      > So I'm just curious if anyone has covered this northern part as just a
      > one trip option and what they think of it...how long it takes etc. ??
      > I would like to do it in a week ( 7 days from Y.V. down to Red's ) and
      > then get out of the back country at that point which I guess the
      > closest place would be Mammoth..
      > Has anyone just done this part ? Would it be reasonable to think that
      > this would take a week..
      > Any info would be helpful !
      > Thank again.
      > - Todd W
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