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  • Herb
    Aug 2 11:23 AM
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      Like, John, my experience with MTR is all positive. We arrived on a day in which buckets had just arrived--the yard had more orange buckets than a Home Depo on Saturday morning. Our items were quickly retrieved. There was a picnic table available to sort items and a device to open the bucket. We had to ship some equipment back in a bucket, and they provided me with tape, an address label, and a place to work on it. The charge was a flat fee, which as I recall was reasonable.

      I have emailed MTR with questions and always received a fast and helpful response.

      Guessing what it must take to get that bucket from post office to the wilderness, I cannot imagine there is any profit in this venture. For $55 you can resupply with only a very minor detour off of the trail. I am very thankful MTR is willing to provide this service to hikers.

      As for Olive, she is indeed a salty dog and could offend some. But when we are on the trail its all locker-room talk for us, so her colorful expressions just fit right in.


      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, John Ladd <johnladd@...> wrote:
      > On Wed, Aug 1, 2012 at 3:57 PM, jdarwinfoltz <jdarwinfoltz@...> wrote:
      > > Muir Trail Ranch: Even-though, you spend $55 to send you bucket there
      > > don't expect to be allowed to cook, or use the restroom there. There
      > > discrimination/exploitation towards hikers is ugly. I would have rather
      > > carried extra food from VVR than to support there nonsense.
      > Every year or two someone flames MTR about this.
      > There's a good reason for the restroom restriction. They have a very
      > limited septic field and allowing hikers to use it would pretty much ruin
      > it for their paying guests. They don't make any money to speak of from us
      > - their conferences and groups (of very rich people paying very high fees,
      > often) are the thing that makes them money and keeps the operation going.
      > They help us out of affection and history. Insulting them won't help keep
      > them helping us out.
      > The other thing they do for free is a lot of assistance of hikers in
      > distress. Whenever there is a SAR in the area, they pitch in.
      > But if you want to carry food for an extra 20 miles, feel free. I'd rather
      > use them and recognize that they don't have to keep doing it. If Karla,
      > who has been involved at MTR since about age 3, ever sold the place (and
      > she must be tempted when she's annually insulted) and the new owners didn't
      > have her past, we'd have a way tougher resupply problem.
      > John Ladd
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