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24461Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: phone app and MTR

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  • Barbara Karagosian
    Aug 1, 2012
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      I totally agree about iphone versus all the rest.  Don't want to carry a charger tho and not sure of length of time I could go without a charge using those functions.  Needs more testing on my part before I can rely on it.


      On Aug 1, 2012, at 7:44 PM, Jeremy foltz <jdarwinfoltz@...> wrote:


      Good perspective on MTR Barbara.    

      Hoping my next JMT (in a few years) is a Northbound so would probably use VVR anyways.    

      I am not sure but I think the GPS would not work on Airplane mode.    He really just turned it on found the location and turned it off.    We would look at my maps after that.      He had plenty of battery afterwards to talk to his wife once we made it to Lone Pine.     He had a rechargeble battery but never used.   

      I personally would love to ditch my camera, ipod, and GPS in favor of just carrying an iPhone.   

      On Wed, Aug 1, 2012 at 7:05 PM, Barbara Karagosian <barbara@...> wrote:

      Hi Jeremy,
      A question about the JMT phone app - did your friend need to keep his iphone with the airplane mode turned off in order to use the app , or was he able to have the airplane mode turned on.  Using the phone with airplane mode on saves a major amount of battery.  Im taking mine but planning to use it for reading and music with airplane on.

      Also, what a shame you had a bad MTR experience.  I've stayed there twice but never visited as a pass thru hiker.  I always found and observed Patt, who was dealing with resupplies, to be very kind, albeit slow, but not surprising due to her age and arthritis.  I knew beforehand, maybe from their website, that pass-thru hikers cannot use their facilities, but can get stuff from their store and can purchase laptop time, as well as charge electronics and get clean water. I understood the $55 to cover their costs for trucking resupply buckets up from Lakeshore to Florence Lake, handloading it onto the ferry, ferrying it across the lake, offloading it off the ferry and onto their truck at the other end and then making the hour trip to MTR (it's a very very rough 5 miles trail).  Then storing it in their bearproof cabin.  They'll also return it to you if you dont make it, which VVR wont do.  One hiker arrived when I was there who had sprained his ankle badly.  After proividing first aid they  offered to drive him to the ferry in their truck (which normally only makes the trip twice a week), The only person there I found a bit irritable was one of the wranglers - but that can be a wrangler trait I 



      - Additional note.   My buddy had the JMT App for his iPhone.    Greatest trail app of all time.   Showed us where we were on a Tom Harrison Map.    Never Failed and we used it all the time.    

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