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  • Rene Bravo
    Jun 29, 2012
      I witnessed firsthand how HARD those crews worked...they did an amazing thing, worked 24 hours a day in the final weeks to get that road open...good job. BTW, the "blowdown" along the JMT in Yosemite is nothing at all, a 2-3 second detour and if you blink you may miss it. Cheers, RB

      From: John Ladd <johnladd@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2012 7:55 PM
      Subject: [John Muir Trail] Re: Update on tree blowdown problem near Red's Meadow [1 Attachment]

      Today's updated work progress report from Inyo NF is attached.

      High points - most of this info is from the attached - some from info supplied separately in an e-mail they kindly sent me: 

      Inyo confirms that they still plan the road opening and shuttle service on June 29

      and they say 

      JMT (from North to South):

      1) trees across the trail  on JMT -  Tuolumne Meadow to Lyell Creek (in Yosemite NP)

      2) JMT Hikers should "consider" using the Pacific Crest Trail (High Trail) or River Trail from Thousand Island Lake to Reds Meadow for another week (until 7/12/2012). Work is in progress north of Emily Lake Junction. Several large concentrations of heavy downed timber still need to be cleared.  

      3) 100+ trees down in Tully Hole area - Area is steep and difficult to climb around trees. Clearance work will start in July. (I gather the tree count includes trees not on the JMT itself but on intersecting trails in this area)

      4) Trees down in a 2 mile strectch between Quail Meadow (Vermillion) and Bear Ridge Iin Sierra NF)

      5) Trees down in a 3 mile stretch south starting south of Piute Pass junction to a point somewhat North of McClure Meadow (they identify as PCT mile 853 to mile 856 - SEKI NP)

      6)  Trees down near Palisade Creek (SEKI NP)

      Side trails off the JMT

      large number of trees down in Ansel Adams – Sierra NF - Reported as very difficult from Isberg Pass to Clover Meadow and the trail  crossing to Reds Meadow via Summit Meadow.

      50+ trees down on Mono Creek trail, west of Second Recess, passable by going around the trees, area is flat. (Note: I was in this area in early June, and I think their count is high and I can confirm that the downed trees are easy to avoid)

      Other side trails noted on the attachment, which can also be found in our Files area - Current Conditions

      and at this link

      John Curran Ladd
      1616 Castro Street
      San Francisco, CA  94114-3707

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