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22496Re: Using bear boxes south of MTR?

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  • senorcalicokat
    May 1, 2012
      I used a Bearikade Expedition for my JMT last year. The section from MTR To Whitney Portal was indeed the toughest to cram all the food not to mention the shock your body will feel when you go from little to nothing in your bearikade to a over flowing one. Those first few miles out of MTR where truly a shock.

      I took all my Mountain House meals and repackaged them into quart sized freezer bags. I added the boiling water right into the freezer bags and ate right out of them. Saved lots of room in the bearikade and alot less trash.

      I ate Pro Bars, Bear Valley Pemmican Bars, Trail Mix, M&M's and Jump Start Smoothies from Pack It Gourmet. I was able to get eight days of food into the bearikade this way. The one extra night of food I left out in my pack and ate it that night so all my food was secure the first night. I was not able to fit my toiletries in the bearikade, but luckliy nothing wanted to eat my toothpaste or deodorant :)

      Send yourself some special goodies in your re-supply bucket to eat at MTR while you sort through your loot and something to eat on the trail that first day. You will be glad you did :)
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