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20644Re: [John Muir Trail] So for those of you who have gone ultralight

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  • Roleigh Martin
    Feb 1, 2012
      Conventional definition of base weight is weight of pack and everything in pack except consumables and water.  There is two weights in backpacking: pack weight (which is base weight plus consumables) + all other weight (which is worn or carried outside the pack, perhaps strung around your neck, in a fanny pack).  All of this weight totaled together is known as "full skin-out weight".

      Most people when they say they have their base weight < 15 lbs are talking pack base weight.  Leaving MTR, one could easily be packing 35 pounds when they factor "full skin-out weight".  If they don't resupply at Kearsarge Lake (or Charlotte Lake) and move slow, it could easily hit 40 lbs.
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