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19860Re: I'm seriously considering leaving my water filter at home next summer

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  • Herb
    Jan 3, 2012
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      My experience is the same as JD's. I generally do not treat, but am selective. I keep a Sierra cup in my lap pocket and dip in to springs and creeks as we hike. This allows me to generally carry less water, and enjoy ice cold spring water on the fly. At trusted water sources we also "camel up" by drinking extra.

      We do take some chemical treatment to deal with situations where we need water and are concerned over cleanliness, such as areas where there is evidence of pack animal traffic or heavy hiker use. I note that while shallow standing lake water does not seem as clean as a flowing creek, the UV action of the sun purifies it and makes it one of the safest places to draw water.


      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "John" <johndittli@...> wrote:
      > Gotta say I very rarely treat my water, but I am selective as to where I get it. As I recall, Peter speculated that he got sick from Sunrise Creek.
      > I avoid drinking down stream from any popular camps, lakes or other popular areas. I pretty much stick to springs and other sources coming from less visited areas (which there are plenty to choose from).
      > That system has worked for me for 40+ years; it may or may not work for others.
      > JD
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