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19844Re: I'm seriously considering leaving my water filter at home next summer

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  • John
    Jan 2, 2012
      Gotta say I very rarely treat my water, but I am selective as to where I get it. As I recall, Peter speculated that he got sick from Sunrise Creek.

      I avoid drinking down stream from any popular camps, lakes or other popular areas. I pretty much stick to springs and other sources coming from less visited areas (which there are plenty to choose from).

      That system has worked for me for 40+ years; it may or may not work for others.

      Walk the Sky: Following the John Muir Trail

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, Roleigh Martin <roleigh@...> wrote:
      > Some things to consider about purifying or not-purifying water on the JMT.
      > http://www.ridgenet.net/~rockwell/Giardia.pdf
      > Giardia lamblia and Giardiasis
      > With Particular Attention to the Sierra Nevada
      > By Robert L. Rockwell
      > Great read, thanks to Peter Burke, long time Sierra Hiker and JMT forum
      > member for years (don't know if he still follows posts, hope so).
      > Peter has not purified water and followed the safe rules in the PDF but
      > once he did get sick. He reported on it on this forum. I'm in a rush and
      > can't figure the link yet but here is the posting. See my highlighted
      > paragraph:
      > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
      > From: Peter Burke <pburke@...>
      > Date: Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 9:37 AM
      > Subject: Re: [John Muir Trail] Concerned
      > To: johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com
      > Todd wrote:
      > > Has anyone heard anything from Peter Burke? He's the one with Claire and
      > Damein that was trying another a Yo-Yo.
      > >
      > > They finished the SB then bailed. I know there are members that know him
      > better than I do, I just hope that everything is O.K. with them.
      > >
      > > T.
      > back to work on Monday, so nothing wrong here. 1500 photos to sift
      > through, so it'll be a while before we can post the story.
      > summary of the yo-yo - started out and did a TM to YV loop over the
      > first 3 days, then headed south. Faster than planned we got past Reds to
      > VVR. All went as planned until we hit the downhill from Pinchot. While
      > sitting on a rock after crossing White Fork, Claire just fainted into my
      > arms. Probably dehydration we thought, but she had some pretty painful
      > blisters, plus she has a history of fainting (I once popped a blister on
      > her hand and she dropped to the floor instantly). Then, we hit a second
      > storm next morning, and had to sit in the tent for the rest of the day
      > until late morning the next day. Not good for the motivation of young
      > hikers, but we were still on schedule and had enough food to finish. At
      > the Kearsarge turn, Damien was really hard to convince that we needed to
      > finish at the Portal at least, while the idea of walking back to
      > Tuolumne Meadows by now appeared like some crazy stunt nobody in his
      > right mind would want to do. Thing is - when you are actually down there
      > on the trail after 200+ miles, you look at this place with the question
      > "why would I want to come back here in a few days?" and to be honest, I
      > really don't know why one would, other than to set some meaningless
      > records.
      > So even before Forester, we were not going to head back north. To top it
      > off, Claire fainted again right in the store at the Portal, right on the
      > carpet in front of the cash register, probably because we really pushed
      > on the downhill and her feet were in rough shape - she was limping for
      > the next few days. There's no way I would have let her continue, even if
      > both of them had still been interested in finishing.
      > Starting around Rae Lakes, I also found out that Yosemite water does in
      > indeed need filtering (or that my body is a better host to parasites
      > than the one of my children). So when we hit the end of the trail, I was
      > mostly looking forward to getting a prescription of Metronidazole (it
      > works, and as recently posted, don't take Immodium when you have
      > giardia, as it makes things exponentially worse in just 24 hours). At
      > least we lucked out with the timing of that issue so that we didn't
      > re-enter and find ourselves somewhere in the middle of nowhere when this
      > kicked in. Actually getting health care in CA on a weekend is a whole
      > different story. I say, have the stuff in your med kit if your doc will
      > prescribe it, because you will know when you need it and any delay to
      > actually get treatment can really be frustrating.
      > Bottom line on the yo-yo: we probably won't try again, because once you
      > do the trail one way, you really have very little reason to go see he
      > exact same set of mountains a second time. We got a feel for that
      > been-there done-that sensation on the TM to Happy Isle and back to TM
      > run at the start of the hike, which just felt like a really poorly
      > planned route, not like a new look at the same place. You recognize
      > every other log and mud hole on the trail, but you really don't see
      > anything new. My photo count for the return hike up is a fraction of
      > what we have from the hike down to the valley.
      > Ignoring the abort of the original plan, this year's hike was clearly a
      > notch better than last year, mostly because we were properly equipped
      > for all the snow and high water and the kids were now old pros. The
      > landscape with all the snow was much more interesting than last summer,
      > and we managed to camp in many places we would count among the best
      > sites we ever found. Saw a bear up close, two rattle snakes (one lives
      > right ON the JMT in Yosemite, a few miles below Sunrise Creek, the other
      > next to the trail into Fish Valley below Rainbow Falls). So quite the
      > adventure again, even though we didn't go to Crater Lake and a few other
      > places we had in mind, add due to that pesky giardia population in my
      > gut after the end of the hike.
      > Oh, my backpack's hip belt came apart (how do you claim your life time
      > warranty when on the slopes of Silver Pass?), and it would have never
      > lasted for another 200 miles, plus my hiking poles decided that four
      > JMTs are the expected life time of this model just as we came down from
      > Whitney. So, a 1 week break at the Portal probably could have put us
      > back on the trail northbound, but our minds were already set for a comfy
      > return trip home with a lot of nights at the pool and plenty of
      > overeating to make up for the pounds lost on the trail.
      > Peter
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