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1948Re: [John Muir Trail] Longest Stretch without Water on JMT

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  • onkelb0b
    Mar 29, 2008
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      > In addition to Deer Creek, also keep in mind Seldon Pass down to
      > Paiute creek. (if you bypass Muir Trail Ranch)
      > This stretch came to mind also for me. There is a small side-trail
      > down to a creek just before the turnoff for MTR going Sobo. There is
      > also a very small seasonal creek a little further on. It still should
      > be running in July. There is a major creek that parallels the lower
      > trail but it is a lot of work to get to it and back.

      I fill the canteens at Senger Creek. About a 3 hour hike from Senger
      to the bridge over Paiute, the trail is hot and dusty in the
      afternoon. Just as the trail hits the top of the switchbacks there's a
      trail to a creek, about 1 hour from Senger Creek. If I was walking up
      (nobo) then that water might be needed.
      As for Duck-Deer Creek, it's a 3/4 hour on another hot and dusty trail.

      Love the stories about weather breaking and turning a miserable day
      into one of the best. I took a detour off the JMT (sobo) to Fish Creek
      (avoiding that Duck-Deer-Virginia slog) because of impending weather
      event. With the all night rain, the hot springs were a much better
      campsite then a high mountain lake.

      Evolution Creek was the only wet crossing after a dry season.
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