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19266Re: Electrolyte replacement

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  • targetdoggmechanic
    Oct 3, 2011
      One of my favorite mid-day treats, and sometimes in the evening if I have extra, is gatorade single-use packets. You can get them at walmart, target, grocery stores, etc. I usually buy a 20oz bottle of gatorade before I leave Curry Village, and drink that on my way up to LYV. Always keep the bottle in the bear can at night because it has gatorade scent. This bottle will be my gatorade bottle throughout the trip, and my 1-L aguafina widemouth bottle is my trusty UL water bottle. Throughout the trip, fill up the 20oz gatorade bottle with fresh sierra water and add a gatorade packet...always a welcome treat! And for a little kick, there is a soda spring just as you go up the long switchbacks out of red's meadow, just before the red cones. It makes a great cold bubbly gatorade...no sulfer taste either! Very refreshing!
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