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187Memories Day 8

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  • hmdsierra
    Aug 8, 1999
      Day 8 Aug 8, 1982<br>Off to an early start, 8:40.
      The last of the clouds cleared off last night so we
      are once again walking in the warm sunshine. We soon
      came to Purple Lk. took a brief, 30 min, rest looking
      at the fine lake. After a STEEP ascent we crossed
      the inlet to Virginia Lk. where we saw and old man
      with two young girls just arriving. Don't know who was
      leading who. Then down an even steeper descent from which
      we dould loook down and see the trail junction,
      which was still in the meadow then. We soon arrived at
      Tully Hole. We continued on downstream and took lunch
      beside a pool in Fish Ck. At last at the bottom of this
      large Yosemite like canyonwe have looked into since
      yesterday. Another future fishing trip, which we made
      several years later. My left knee has been bothering me
      since Donahue Pass so I wrapped it with an elastic
      bandage. While eating we couldn't help but notice the
      fish. Our plan had been to climb to near Silver Pass
      for the night be we decided to stop just after
      crossing the bridge. The water was quite high and fast. We
      made camp near the trail junction and started out to
      fish. It was not the smooth water we had seen above but
      mostly a cascade as far down as we went. There were a
      few fine holes and we each caught a trout from the
      same hole, Owen on the way down and I on the way back.
      We won't get to Mono Ck. early enough to fish now
      but this will do just fine. Good to taste trout
      again. Since Gary left everything seems a chore; uphill,
      cutting meals down for two, packing, unpacking. It seems
      an eternity since we left Happy Isles but we are
      seeing new country now, new for me since Devils
      Postpile. We are not seeiung as many people now either.
      Felt a small earthquake this evening around 8:45. 7.3
      miles today.
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