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18006Heading out to LA and then starting hike on 8/9 from TM

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  • Srirama Dronamraju
    Aug 4, 2011

      First my grateful thanks for the tons of info I got and modified my packing list several times with the latest one to include my bike rain pants and jkt for the mosquitoes.  Taking the emergency sheet provided by John and Roleigh, Eric's Atlas & some Wenk pages. My special thanks to John, Roleigh, Viraj, Ned and others who helped me with advice thru private messages.  I am leaving for LA tomorrow from the flatlands of Chicago and driving up 395 to drop my food supply at Mammoth and TM as our permits are from IH (Glacier Point).  We will try to get walkins at TM as we did the TM to HI earlier and start on 8th or 9th.  I got my pin from Barbara and would proudly display on the front of my budoin hat.  Hoping to see some of you on the JMT.


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