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  • Suzanne Pasadena
    Aug 2, 2011
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      Not sure if this info will be helpful to anyone but here goes:
      Just returned from Yosemite to drop off my 18 year old son and his friend for their thru hike.  They did not have a permit so were going to try for a walk up at Happy Isles today, Aug 2.  We arrived in Yosemite yesterday at about 930am because they decided at the last minute to try for a same day cancellation permit, which are given out at about 10am, before they deal with the walk ups. (If you take a cancellation permit, you must leave that day.)

      When we got there at 930am, there were several people in line for walk ups...hard to tell exactly how many because folks were coming and going, there were some folks saving places etc.  But, the first person in line said they arrived at the permit station at 5am, the second got there at about 6 and the other trickled in shortly after that.

      Long story short, there were 9 cancellations available that day. One guy took the 4 available thru hike permits, leaving 5 available for Little Yosemite.  Our guys took the Little Yosemite permits and started on the trail about about noon yesterday.  We got a "Spot" from them at about 430 this afternoon showing that they had made it to Tuolomne.  So, looks like they're making good time.

      We talked to a father daughter team who just arrived from their hike from Tuolomne to Happy Isles. They said there was very little snow, just a bit patchy in a few spots, but swarms and swarms of mosquitoes.  The daughter's legs were covered in welts.

      Anyway, I've been sitting in the background  (except for bugging Bob all the time who has been enormously supportive and indulgent of my nervous mom stuff)...and wanted to pass along this info in case it helps anyone as I've been helped by others.

      Happy trails,