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17882Re: [John Muir Trail] another one . . . be careful . . .

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  • Barbara Karagosian
    Aug 2, 2011
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      I used rope and 2 carabiners when I did, plus rock climbing shoes that I rented. A climber friend showed me how.  I felt much safer knowing if I slipped and fell it wouldn't be very far.  I was clipped in at all times, including round cable stanchions. 

      From that you tube it sounds like the ranger was telling people they could go up if they wanted but he wouldn't advise it.  And even tho it was a clear morning, storms were forecast thru out the Sierras.

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      On Aug 2, 2011, at 10:54 AM, "targetdoggmechanic" <targetdoggmechanic@...> wrote:


      According to the NPS there was a storm the morning of her ascent and during the time she was trying to come down the cables. Makes you wonder if she knew the risks she was getting into, but took a chance just to avoid the hassle of trying to get another permit at a later time to re-attempt it. Definitely a poor judgement call and tragic event outcome.

      I'd say get rid of the cables and require a mandatory rock skills completion course, do the cemented anchors that Peter suggests below, and do away with the strict 3rd party permits and just have everyone go through the NPS to get a permit. That way they could regulate the unfit/inexperienced hikers that attempt to do the dome.

      Or just leave the cables and require mandatory carabiners and tie-off ropes/lanyards (helmets?) as a safety precaution. To make it easier, maybe they could have a separate anchor cable off to the side or under the other cables, so you can still use the present cables to hold onto and pull yourself up while being tied off in case you fall or someone falls into you. They definitely need to improve a lot of aspects of the half dome climb.

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