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17864RE: [John Muir Trail] Check-in/OK message from Mickye SPOT Messenger

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  • robert shattuck
    Aug 1, 2011
      "Please let me know if you think I am being high handed"

      Getting one of these (spots) once a week would be fine, but not every five feet or three hours . . . and yeah, I think it's fine if you're a parent or partner and you want to get them every day, but really . . . not to mention that if you are concerned then you really don't need to be distracted––it's almost like, "Crying wolf"  . . . by the time someone sends the message that really matters, you've no doubt deleted it before opening it. 

      And not to be harsh, but . . . 

      You turn a device that's designed to perhaps save your life into a sort of game . . . I'm here . . . I'm here . . . 

      Sidebar or . . . we could create a new facebook page just for people all over the world to update us with their spots . . . oh, wait, is that twitter? 

      Put the gizmo's down and look around . . . 


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