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176Memories Day 2

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  • hmdsierra
    Aug 2, 1999
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      Day 2 Aug 2,1982<br>We spent a fine night at our
      first camp. We woke rested and ready to go. Only one
      problem. When I went to take the packs down from the bear
      cable, I found that when I unhooked the second hook
      holding the end of the cable I was suddenly standing on
      my tiptoes as the weight of the packs stretched me
      up the tree. A call for assistance was finally
      answered. With the packs and me both safely on the ground,
      breakfast was quickly prepared and we started out. We
      continued along and after a while arrived at Sunrise. We
      stopped for a snack and soon became the snacks for the
      mosquitos, especially Gary. Owen just chased the fish up and
      down the small stream in the meadow. <br>After lunch
      we went past the High Sierra Camp and worked our way
      up and down to Cathedral Pass enjoying a hazy view
      of the Clark Range. Because of the way the drainage
      breaks and the path the trail takes you climb higher
      than the pass then descend to it. We admired Cathedral
      Peak, easily one of the finest formations in the
      Sierra, for a while then went on. We made camp a little
      ways below the lake in about the same location my wife
      and I had used in 1969. We had no bear problems back
      then and expected none this time so we left the packs
      on the ground. Neverless, we set our alarm of pots
      and placed a rock next to our beds and turned in
      about 9:30. Sure enough about 11 I was awakened by the
      clang of metal and Gary shouting. I wildly threw my
      rock then started getting out of my sleeping bag.
      While struggling to get free Gary hollered that the
      bear had one of the packs. I asked whose and he said
      mine, I was relieved. Gary had borrowed a pack so I was
      glad it wasn't his. Just then I heard a long tearing
      sound, which I thought was end to end of the pack. I
      headed for the bear when Gary asked if I wanted the
      flashlight. I said yes and went back to get it. I went to the
      pack with the biggest bear I have seen sitting 10 feet
      away eating my food. I grabbed up the pack, relieved
      that I wasn't going to have to fight for it. The bear
      leisurly walked away. He had just bitten a small hole
      through the back and pulled out my Hickory Farms
      meatstick and a few crumbs of cheese. Owen hadn't seen the
      bear since he slid down into the bottom of his
      sleeping bag. We decided to hang the packs then and found
      a poor limb with another limb just above it. We
      reset the alarm and settled back to bed. Almost
      immediately the clang of metal again. We found a cub, eartag
      #5 black on yellow, on the upper limb reaching for
      our packs. We threw rocks and the cub climbed higher
      only tof come back down. Gary said no use both of us
      being up so he went back to bed. I kept chasing it up
      the tree finally making a solid hit with a rock. It
      went up the tree and cried ma, ma, ma for a while. The
      next time he came down he took off as soon as the
      flashlight came on for a change. The next time he cam down
      to the ground and loped off into the night. Not
      expecting any more trouble I finally went to bed at 3 AM.
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