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1757Re: [John Muir Trail] Ursack S-29 Approval Revoked

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  • Roleigh Martin
    Jan 1, 2008
      What is weird is that SIBBG's FAQ still says otherwise

      "Ursack is the only SIBBG approved soft-sided canister. The container is made of a Spectra fabric and users are required in SIBBG areas to use the aluminum insert sold with the container."


      Frank Martin <sriprank@...> wrote: This I found on the PCT-L mailing list.

      A check of the Updated SIBBG Website seems to confirm it.

      As of yet Ursack Website makes no mention of it in News

      Rob Mason, Wilderness Manager on the Sierra NF, who attends SIBBG
      meetings, wrote me in response to my inquiry:

      Post from PCT List

      > On October 24, the SIBBG unanimously voted to REVOKE conditional
      > approval of the Ursack S29 (which was conditionally approved in '07).
      > The S29 with aluminum liner was the only Ursack model that was
      > Therefore, there are currently no models of the Ursack approved for
      > in bear canister restriction areas. The revocation was based up
      > multiple field failures in 2007. That is the only change in approval
      > status for any bear canister model, as of today. The website will
      > hopefully be updated in the near future to reflect this change.
      > feel free to pass this information on to the interested PCT hiker, as
      > well as the PCT-L, if you deem appropriate.

      SIBBG Website



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