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17498JMT Trip Report

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  • mdundas11
    Jul 21, 2011
      We just got back from an aborted attempt at the JMT.
      The Valley to TM was really slow and difficult. Mostly snow and no footprints to follow. I'd recommend starting the trip from TM or Parker/Mono Pass. As others have pointed out, it was 100% snow from Donahue to Thousand Island lakes. But lots of footprints to follow since by then you're on the PCT. I didn't have skip poles or gators but wish i did.

      By this time we were a day or so behind schedule, so we had to skip ahead. ( we only had 14 days, i'd recommend at least 18 in these conditions ) We didn't really know many places to join the JMT so we left the trail at Mammoth and hiked back in at Kearsarge Pass( its at Onion Valley campground out of Independence ). There was ALOT less snow down here. Plus very heavily traveled. No problems at all. Forester Pass wasn't that bad. ( tho i heard it gets a little icy in the morning ). It was just Yosemite that slowed us down. Another recommendation is to do it from South to North. The passes are apparently easier and also that gives you 2 more weeks of additional snow melt in Yosemite.
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