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1743Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: Rookie needs help

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  • thomas taylor
    Dec 20, 2007
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      Nearby is the Toulumne Resort where there is a store
      and, better, a RESTAURANT that serves supper until 9PM
      - about $10/head if I remember correctly. Way better
      than the grill IMO. It near the backpacker permit
      station and parking lot. YARTS goes there and you can
      always hitch a ride but it's not more than a mile from
      the blacktop. You can also shower there in the
      afternoon legally.

      --- Strine Jay <hundyff@...> wrote:

      > but 5:00pm on the dot. We came out of Toulumne
      > Meadows and all could think about was the Grill. We
      > had on person who was tired and slow. We encouraged
      > him on and made it there at 5:10pm. The store was
      > still open, but not the grill. I was able to beg and
      > plead and they let me use the restroom before they
      > locked it up, but I could not order any food.

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