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  • Kevin Aston
    Dec 19, 2007
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      I agree with John, but if you are a rookie hiker, and are not sure of
      you abilities at high altitude, I would choose the north end because
      there are a lot of bail out points. If you are going south, after
      Vermillion getting off the trail is a 12-25 mile walk, or a $1500 per
      person helicopter ride.
      Happy Planning
      Kevin Aston

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "John Randall"
      <sierra_marmot@...> wrote:
      > The JMT's resupply points are top-loaded, that is on the northern
      > of the trip; Tuolumne, Reds Meadow, VVR and MTR. Not
      > the northern 1/2 of the JMT is the most heavily used, and in my
      > the least enjoyable. In August every campsite between Happy Valley
      > Piute Trail junction is occupied by weekenders coming in from
      > Reds Meadow, Mammoth, Lake Edison and Florence Lake. The Mono and
      > Creek drainages have wall-to-wall fishermen. I don't recommend
      > section unless it's actually important to you to say you've hiked
      > JMT end-to-end. That and a dollar will get you a coke.
      > If I had one hike to hike it would be from the North Lake trailhead
      > over Piute Pass and down to the PCT/JMT at the bridge, then south
      > through Evolution continuing to Whitney Portal or Horseshoe
      > That trip is about 115 miles; nine or ten days for the average
      > backpacker. That's a lot of food to carry, but there's no
      > alternative. Less weight, fewer days.
      > The second hike I'd take would leave from South Lake via Bishop
      > ending up at WP, roughly 88 miles trailhead-to-trailhead. This
      trip is
      > like eating the heart of the watermelon and offers an incomparable
      > journey; but, it still comes down to how much weight are you going
      > carry and how many hours per day are you going to hike. If you're
      > going to be hiking at 6:00am, resting mid-day, stopping again in
      > afternoon for dinner, then hiking until dusk, even at a mile-an-
      > you'll be finished the North Lake/WP in 8-9 days without resupply.
      > I suppose the last option would be to cache food at one of the
      > Meadow bear lockers by driving to Trails End in Kings Canyon and
      > up the Bubbs Creek Trail.
      > john randall
      > birmingham, AL
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