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1718Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: Where does one get JMT permit if starting at Red Meadows on the JMT?

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  • thomas taylor
    Dec 2, 2007
      Hi Paul,

      You can park your car at the Mammoth Inn Hotel I think
      that's its name) which is located right where you
      catch the shuttle to Reds. They charge $5.00 and you
      leave your keys with them in case they have to move
      the car for some reason. Very safe. You can also
      shower there for $5.00. They supply soap, towel and

      You can reserve your permit in advance (recommended
      for departing from popular spots like Reds in high
      season like July) at:

      There is a fee for reserving ($5.00 or $15 - I forgot
      but $15 for entering the Whitney Zone))and you can
      pick up the permitt at the Mono Lake visitors visiting
      center or their office in Bishop or Lone Pine. I
      don't know if there is a location in Mammoth Lakes
      itself where you can pick-up the permitt but ask them.
      It seems like there should be. In the past they
      would put it in the overnight box so that you could
      pick it up before 8am on the day of departure.
      However I believe that they changed that now and
      require you to pick it up in person.

      By the way, you can stay free one night at Reds
      Campground: Good restaurant and a HOT, HOT bath. The
      campground store is OK for snacks and such but poor
      for backpacker necessities. However you can get
      everything and anything you could possibly need in
      Mammoth Lakes which is a popular rest stop for thru
      hikers on the PCT.

      By the way, by starting from Reds you'll be missing
      some great scenery between Donahue Pass and Reds in
      the Ansel Adams Wilderness but there will be plenty
      ahead of you!! Have a good trip. I hope to see you
      on the trail.

      --- Paul <eaglepdub@...> wrote:

      > --- In johnmuirt

      rail@yahoogroups.com, Roleigh Martin
      > <roleigh@...>
      > wrote:
      > >Damn I just typed out all the information that you
      > needed and then
      > it all got deleted. I did this trail last year and
      > have all your
      > answers. Just give me a call 208-484-2718 Paul
      > Walker in Idaho.
      > > We're planning a 3 person partial - JMT hike for
      > late July 2008
      > starting at Red Meadows on the JMT and going all the
      > way down to
      > Whitney Portal. Where does one apply for the permit
      > and where does
      > one physically show up to get the permit, or is it
      > available by
      > mail? If it has to be in person some distance away
      > (like Toulumne
      > Meadows), can it be gotten the afternoon the day
      > before?
      > >
      > > Where do people advise parking the car for such a
      > hike (at Whitney
      > Portal or near Red Meadows)?
      > >
      > > PS -- how difficult is it to purchase a ride from
      > the other end of
      > where one parks to where one needs to get (after or
      > before the trail
      > depending on the answer to the above question)? I
      > believe there is
      > a bus from Bishop to Mammoth Lake but how does one
      > get from Lone
      > Pine to Bishop?
      > >
      > > PPS - how does one get to the Trailhead from
      > Mammoth Lake to Red
      > Meadows?
      > >
      > > Thanks!
      > >
      > > Thanks!
      > >
      > >
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      > removed]
      > >

      Best regards,


      Thomas Taylor
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