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1693Post Trip Report Cottonwood Pass to Whitney

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  • Jay Strine
    Sep 12, 2007
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      I just got back from Whitney. I did Whitney in 2005 via the
      traditional portal route. This time we started at Cottonwood Pass
      and came up the back way, and down the Portal Route.
      The route up Cottonwood pass was to Siberian pass was dry. We did
      not fill up with water at Lower Soldier lake, because we planned to
      fill up at one of the 3 creeks on the map. Well they are gone, all
      dried up. So we camped near the junction of Siberian pass trail and
      the PCT. In the morning we altered our route and took Siberian pass
      towards Rock Creek and in about a mile found water.
      From there we hiked to Crabtree Meadow and camped there, the meadow
      was pretty dry, but very peacefull and nice.
      From Crabtree Meadow, we hiked up to Trail Crest, we camped about 200
      feet below Trail crest on the Hitchcock Lakes side. There are two
      flat areas off the trial that worked out great. I got a great
      picture of the sunset over Gutiar Lake. We got up at 0345am to
      summit, our tents were frozen solid. On the way up it was just cold,
      prior to the summit and on the summit is was very Windy and Cold. My
      luck we waited for the sunrise to get photos of it. There was 4 of
      us and two cameras. I dont know if it was from the cold, but the sun
      came up and both cameras refused to work. So we came down, happy
      with the fact we had made the summit, and unhappy that the only
      recording of it was in our memories.
      From Cottonwood pass to Gutair lake we only had seen a total of 9
      people, 2 were rangers, 2 were part of a National Park service Pack
      Train. on the night of day 2 the Pack train guys gave us fresh
      Bannanas and Peanut butter Cookies. That was a real treat.
      Well Stay safe and enjoy the outdoors
      Any Questions feel free to post or email me.

      Jay Strine