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169Glen Pass tarn

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  • pctpacker
    Jul 1 8:18 PM
      Got the print back today and have posted it here
      in the Default Album. Take a look and see if this is
      what you need. I tried to work with the lighting and
      color but couldn't get it even near the original.
      Pretty grainy too. I thought maybe you could download it
      and print it but this won't do it justice, but if you
      do want to try this let me know and I can re-scan it
      at a higher resolution (this is only 100 dpi)and let
      YOU do the editing. If you prefer the original let me
      know what you want. This is only a 3 1/2"x5" print.
      You can e-mail me at
      delmein@...<br><br>Everyone else: how does this look on your computer? I have
      sometimes gotten a photo to look great here but when I view
      it from another computer it looks lousy.
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