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1687Utra-lite camping gear

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  • Kevin Aston
    Sep 2, 2007
      I have made two attempts to hike the trail, but had to exit in 2006
      with my hiking buddy having hurt his back, and in 2007 with me having
      hurt my back. I plan on finishing the stretch from over Piute pass to
      the portal in 2008. Each of us when we hurt our backs we were 52 years
      old. None of us will be 52 in 2008, so we can get it done. I have had
      two back surgeries, including L4-L5, and L5-S1 in 1997, L2-L3, and a
      neck fusion joining C5-6-7 in 2005. In in some ways it is amazing that
      I can do this at all. I am hoping to go ultra-lite in 2008 so anyone
      that has any good suggestions about, clothing, cameras, stoves, tents
      and types of light weight food, or other stuff, please email me at
      kevin@... or give them on the JMT discussion group, and I
      will post your suggestions on my site at www.kevinaston.com. I looked
      at what everyone was packing on the trail and had to laugh at some and
      were jealous of others. If you can include enough info that I can find
      your suggested thing on the web, I will put a link so everyone can read
      the specs of the stuff. I am also updating my pictures from the last
      trip if you wish to see them on www.kevinaston.com. They are not quite
      done yet.
      Kevin Aston
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