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1684Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: Who is the current record holder on the JMT (New)

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  • Catra Corbett
    Aug 29, 2007
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      This is Catra. I did the JMT in 5 days 15 hours and 50 min. In 2004. I was going for the YO YO record which I got the same year. I did the whole thing in 12 days 4 hours and 57 min.


      Patronio@... wrote:
      Fred and Frank:
      How about the female record holder. I heard that It was Catra Corbett. I
      fould her website and she claims to have done it in 8 days , 3 hours, in her 2005
      blog. But then I read an article about Metzger, in which she is mentioned to
      have done it it four days and few hours. .. Do you have any lead or more info
      about this lady? I tried to contact her by the e-mail address provided in her
      blog does not work.
      Thank you,

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