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1659Re: availibility of gas canisters at resupply points on the jmt

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  • Kevin Aston
    Aug 1, 2007
      VVR does have the ability to take credit cards, but he adds
      everything up on a tally sheet and then at his convience he runs it
      through on your card. I know. The meals for 10 people we ran through
      on my card last year showed up on my card no problem.

      As far as Muir, the lady that called herself the grandma of the camp
      told me she had no sodas or Gatoraide, and I walked in what I was
      told was the store and the fishing stuff looked ancient. Much of the
      little bit of stuff was so old that the wrappers were yellow and
      falling off. I'm sure they have a stash of stuff somewhere, as she
      brought out a plum and fruit slush for my 16 year old daughter, but
      told me several times that they had very little, and what they had
      was expensive. Use of their computer for email was $10 for 15 minutes.

      Kevin A

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "Bob Bankhead"
      <wandering_bob@...> wrote:
      > Kevin is correct regarding no credit cards or checks at MTR. They
      have no phone at the ranch and so have no way to confirm their
      validity. Vermillion Valley Resort has a satellite phone but also
      does not take credit cards. You will need cash both places. I added
      several $20 bills to my VVR resupply box just in case I was running
      > I don't want to argue with Kevin's recent experience at MTR, but to
      quote the MTR website resupply page:
      > "Can I ship stove fuel in my package?
      > Since Priority Mail goes by air, the post office says No. We have
      white gas and denatured alcohol for sale. We have Camping GAZ screw-
      on and punch-type propane canisters. We also carry Primus brand screw-
      on propane canisters. They are compatible with the following
      backpacking stoves: GAZ Turbo 270, Jetboil, Primus, Snow Peak and the
      following MSR stoves-WindPro, Super Fly, Pocket Rocket, and Reactor.
      They are in stock at all times. You do not need to reserve one. Our
      prices are reasonable.
      > Do you sell food at the ranch?
      > No. We have a small store at the ranch where you can get stove
      fuel, film, flashlight batteries, sunscreen, insect repellent,
      moleskin (for your blistered feet), postcards and stamps, and other
      such necessities. At the Florence Lake Store we have all of the above
      plus food, souvenirs, ice, cold drinks and such, but it's a long hike
      off the Muir Trail."_,_._,___
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