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1533Re: Losing the will to hike? Any recommendation. . .

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  • Kevin Aston
    May 23, 2007
      I found that when I was hiking last summer that the 4 days were tough,
      but I had been sick when I started. As I got going it was more exciting
      every day. We had to bail at Vermillion because on of the guys hurt
      his back, but I was still ready to go and was ticked that I had to
      quit. I fished along the way and caught 64 between Tuolumne and
      Vermillion. I use a brass Pather Martin #4 size. I have a spreadsheet I
      made for the hike for a 3 1/2 week trip. It includes 3 days of layover,
      as I am one of those guys that observe the Sunday day of rest. It
      averages about 12 miles a day. It is on my website at;
      http://www.kevinaston.com/JMTSpreadsheet.html There is a copy of it
      displayed on the page, but you can download is so you can edit as you
      would like. I have it dated for last year from the 19th of July to the
      11th of August, and include all of the major elevation changes and GPS
      coordinates for each of those locations. I have pictures on the site
      too. I wished I would have spent a little more time taking pictures on
      the stretch from Donohue Pass to Garnet Lake. My favoite picures are
      from there.
      I am starting at Reds Meadows on the 19th of July this year and am
      planning on finishing on the 3rd of August at the portal.
      I love this stuff.
      Happy Hiking
      Kevin A

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "Julio" <Patronio@...> wrote:
      > As I sit to review my schedule for my southbound JMT hike, I can see
      > some days of 14.5+ miles. I must cover that or more and even that way
      > it will still take me 28 days to complete it (I am taking a zero day
      > to climb Half Dome and another day to chill out at Vermilion Valley
      > Resort). Has anyone in this forum ever thought of losing the will to
      > hike after so many days on the trail? How do you guys have managed
      > tedium, boredom or monotony in the past? I am afraid I would go crazy
      > after the first ten days. . .doing the same thing: breaking up camp,
      > hiking, cooking and more hiking. . . Any comments or recomendations on
      > this subject will be appreciated. Thanx.
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