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  • Dan McGuire
    May 23, 2007
      Hey Julio - as far as your trail burnout goes, I wouldn't worry about it to
      much...there is so much amazing stuff out there, every day is a new
      adventure waiting to unfold....a few pieces of advice I have to pass on
      based on my own long distance hikes...

      - Don't get to married to your plan. Take each day as it comes...don't pass
      up the oppurtunity to hike late into the day if it feels right, nor to stop
      at that beautiful lake when it feels right. The mileage will average out and
      you'll make your resupply....don't plan each days stop ahead of time.

      - Allow yourself to be in the moment of hiking...it may take a week or more
      before you get there, but relish the experience of being out in the
      backcountry and leave all the electronic distractions at home. Get back to
      simple living for the month - forget the ipod, sandisk, etc...you may indeed
      have your mind start to roam. You may get bored with the hiking some days.
      You might sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall the whole way through. That's
      ok. It's part of the experience.

      -When you get bored, there will be plenty of things to fill your attention -
      other hikers on the trail, interesting scenery/animals/weather....not to
      sound to zen like, but the trail will provide. Keep yourself open to it.

      and most of all, don't listen to what the rest of us say...hike your own

      Enjoy the trip! It's going to be a blast!

      PCT '02 JMT '05 CT '06


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      Thank you everyone for the comments, recommendation and insights about
      living in the trail. I appreciate your suggestions and lessons learned
      from the trail and life. I posted 28 days because I blew my knees a
      year ago and need to take it easy this time in order to complete the
      entire hike. I will do several low mileage days (7-9.5 miles/day).

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