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1499Re: Meeting points along the John Muir Trail?

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  • Brian
    Apr 22, 2007
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      If he comes in through Onion Valley then make sure you both meet on
      the right trail. there are 2 trails that go parallel to each other on
      the west side of Kearsarge Pass.

      When I hiked the JMT 2 years ago we were to meet our food drop at
      Bullfrog Lake then head south together. We never saw him though and
      were out of food, so we hiked to OV and hitched into Independence. We
      came back the next day with food and then found our friend at the
      trail junction in the middle of a blizzard. When he got over Kearsage
      the previous day he saw a bunch of warning signs that said "no camping
      at bullfrog lake" so he decided to take the other trail, so we missed
      each other. He had no tent and no water filtration so he was frozen
      and dehydrated.

      Make sure you both know exactly where to meet or better yet, hike to
      OV to meet him.


      > There are numerous possibilities.
      > Easiest place is Onion Valley TH over Kersage Pass and meet up at
      > Charlotte Lake. From there you go over Forrester and up to Guitar Lake.
      > This way his car will be on the East side of the Sierra and you can
      > take Inyo Transit back to the town of Independence and hitch back to
      > Onion valley.
      > He could come in at Florence Lake and take the boat over and come over
      > and meet you at Muir Trail Ranch. The only problem with this is
      > getting back to his car.
      > Same he could come in at North Lake at Bishop over Piute Pass and
      > meetup right where you enter Evolution Valley. (East side)
      > Bishop Pass out of South Lake also Bishop meet up at pete's
      > meadow.(East side)
      > There is also Tabbose Pass and actually several other non-maintained
      > passes off the East side. This depends on his experience level.
      > I would really recommend coming in on the east side as getting back
      > over to the West side to p/u a car is a lot of trouble.
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