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14980Hash Browns on the trail

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  • Peter Burke
    May 4, 2011
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      Been looking for a way to make more substantial breakfasts on the trail, and a lot of the things I've tried were very disappointing.

      Last week when walking through the isles at the supermarket to figure out where they moved the Nido milk, I found something at the supermarket that has promise:

      Instant Hash Browns


      soak in warm water for 5 minutes in the carton, then fry for 5 or so minutes.

      I'll do a test on my stove to see if this is viable in the backcountry (stick to pan issues, etc). It's dirt cheap compared to any of the big name freeze dried food sources, but the carton isn't very space efficient in a bear can. Probably can be repackaged if you figure out the amount of water that needs to be added. There's a lot of air in these boxes (size of a pint of cream)

      Still, to have something affordable to alternate your breakfasts this may not be a bad deal. Pretty high calorie per ounce, even without the 2 tablespoons of oil to add. I think the box sells for about a dollar.

      Will report back once I make this. I'll first try the frying part with the Jetboil Helios, which uses an aluminum pot that spreads the heat much better than titanium.
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