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1447Re: [John Muir Trail] Yosemite Logistical Question

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  • thomas taylor
    Feb 28, 2007
      The " is there
      > small/affordable camp ground we could stay while we
      > wait for the
      > following day??" referred to (i.e., camp 4 and the
      backpackers campground are "walk-in" only.
      Reservations are not accepted for those campgrounds.
      If they are full, then the only other alternative is
      the more expensive choices: Camp Curry, Yosemite Lodge
      or, heavens forbid, the Awhawne! Well one night isn't
      going to break the bank but they might be full too.

      Except during the winter, I am very seldom in the
      valley except for overnight. If I'm hiking in late in
      the afternoon (which is usually the case) I'll stop
      and camp for the night within a few miles of the
      Valley. If I'll be leaving from the Valley, then I
      usually arrive late at night - usually around midnight
      - and normally stay in the car in the backpackers
      parking lot as I am usually too sleepy to hunt around
      with the flashlight for a place to setup.

      A good alternative for Jay if its crowded would be to
      start from Mammoth. There is always a spot at Reds -
      shower and all - and it's free. If it will be late
      arriving in the Valley, he can setup camp for the
      night some where between Lake Merced and Little
      Yosemite. Along the river a couple of miles from
      Little Yosemite is ideal. Little Yosemite is always
      crowded with people and bears. I remember hiking thru
      and saw a little girl placing several M&M's in front
      of her tent door. "Who's the M&M's for sweetheart?" I
      asked, "The bear."


      --- Paul England <pengland@...> wrote:

      > Hi Jay -
      > There is a daily bus from Mammoth to Yosemite -
      > you can check the schedule online.
      > It is a short walk to the ranger station (near the
      > visitor center) to pick up your permit.
      > I would make a campground reservation now for the
      > Valley. That way you know you have a place to camp
      > and are not breaking the rules. Yosemite Valley is
      > way too crowded to have people camping in
      > non-camping areas.
      > Paul
      > Jay Strine <hundyff@...> wrote:
      > We are planning a trip on the JMT in
      > September, We plan to go from
      > Yosemite to Reds Meadow. I have never been to
      > Yosemite, and I am eager
      > to be able to finally get a chance to experience it.
      > I plan on taking Yarts from Mammouth to Yosemite, we
      > are leaving our
      > vehicles in Mammouth.
      > Once the Yarts drops us off at Yosemite, how long of
      > a walk is it to
      > the office to pick up our permit??
      > As far as I know there is daily service from
      > Mammouth to Yosemite, does
      > anyone know if this is accurate??
      > Lastly once we get dropped off and pick up our
      > permit is there
      > small/affordale camp ground we could stay while we
      > wait for the
      > following day??
      > Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
      > Thank you.
      > Jay Strine
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LACObackpackers
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      > removed]

      Best regards,


      Thomas Taylor
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