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  • John
    Apr 2, 2011

      As John said, it's all very individual. Summer in the Sierra (or anywhere else for that matter) I don't care to hike in long pants. If it's a favorable forecast I usually don't bring rain pants at all.

      On longer trips I walk in very light shorts and carry light rain pants mostly for bugs around camp. If the weather really goes south as in well below freezing in August), I combine the light wind/rain pants with my sleeping "longjohns" (thin smart wool). In all but the heaviest of long, cold rains I just let my legs get wet (they dry pretty fast).

      Walk the Sky: Following the John Muir Trail (the book)

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "T" <tvanr13@...> wrote:
      > Hey- I'm leaning toward my trustworthy convertible rei hiking pants but can't decide if rain pants and/or under armor bottoms would be worth the extra weight.
      > Also, for top layers so far I have under armor long sleeve, rei long sleeve hiking uv shirt, REI Hood River fleece hoodie and a Marmot lightweight rain coat. I don't have much faith in the hoodie if it gets really cold (it's kind of thin) but maybe all 4 things combined would keep me warm? Or should I upgrade to a thicker fleece?
      > Thanks, Tim
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