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1394Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: Bear containers - HST Cache Resupplying

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  • Roleigh Martin
    Jan 22, 2007
      Sounds like this is an idea to bring a heavy duty, light caribeaner <sp?>
      along to act as a lock mechanism to put on the unit while one is using it.
      Maybe the type of caribeaner which has a spinning type bolt on it so a
      simple depression would not defeat it -- perhaps also bring a clamping
      "ring" to facilitate "hooking" into the chain.

      I've used the bear boxes each year now, a week long, each year, for 7 years
      with no problems. Our only encounters with bears so far has been on the
      trail during the day, never at the bear box locations at night. We hike in
      SEKI each year now. Best park in the nation, in my opinion. I did the
      entire High Sierra Trail last year. Would like to make a round trip this
      coming summer. Anybody use a cache service like this one?


      I'm thinking, start a round trip at Crescent Meadows, and take food for the
      one way trip to Whitney, and around/near Whitney pick up your cache
      resupply without having to go down the Eastern side of Whitney all the way
      to Lone Pine, enabling one to return back to Crescent Meadows from the
      Summit of Whitney.

      Anyone know of any other cache services to get an idea of the competition
      out there? Anyone with first hand use of the above service? Comments?


      --- hmdsierra <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      > Often the latches on the bear boxes are broken. A few years ago we
      > were in Little Yosemite Valley. the Ranger strongly insisted I use
      > the bear box. I looked at it and one of the latches was missing the
      > catch the other had a broken spring that allowed the slide latch to
      > remain open. I bumped one with the heel of my hand once and the other
      > twice and the lid fell open. I looked for the ranger but he was
      > already gone. I put my food in it but was not asured.
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