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1392[John Muir Trail] Re: Bear containers

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  • thebeebes
    Jan 21, 2007
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      True, the Ursack gets smaller as you eat up your food, but then
      again, you can't sit on it.

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, Reuben Gerber
      <reubengerber@...> wrote:
      > Over the years I have used both the Bear Vault and the "hog"
      (Garcia). This past August I hiked the JMT north bound from Evolution
      Lake to Yosemite Valley using the Ursack w/ a aluminum liner over the
      course of 9 days. I did no resupply along the way and carried 18
      pounds of food in the Ursack. All food was packaged in Alum. zip lock
      type boil in bags double wrapped in plastic scent proof bags. I had
      bears roll through camp on two occasion and did not have a problem. I
      did have a bear tug on my Ursack my last night at Cathedral Lake and
      after tossing a few stones his way he gave up. I am a firm believer
      that it is the type of food you eat as well as the way you store it
      regardless of which container you choose. I have spent 26 years
      backpacking in the Sierra Nevada and have never provided a bear with
      a free meal. The Ursack is by far the best ultralight source on the
      market and I love that it gets smaller as you eat through the bag.
      > All the Best,
      > Reuben
      > Raoul Kraus <rkraus1@...> wrote:
      > I carried the ursack with the liner on my JMT trip this
      last summer. I fit 10/11 days of food in it. You must pack carefully
      and thoughtfully. I would say easily 7/8 days worth, above that is a
      chore to fit. I did not have a single bear event on the entire 19 day
      journey! I hope you all have the same luck! I had a hard time fitting
      the liner in my backpack...so it spent the trip tied to the outside.
      I actually only used the liner 2/3 times on the trip (in the heavy
      bear areas). I highly recommend stealth camping when possible.
      > PS. I sure am glad I did NOT carry the xtra weight of a std.
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