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1361Fire at Yosimite NP

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  • Marybeth
    Aug 24, 2006
      I'll have a bigger pack -- orange Gregory. I'll likely be solo,
      thought part of the way I'll be with my mom's cousin. I'm sure we
      will pass each other, as I am heading the opposite direction. Have a
      great, safe trip.


      > El Cap area is above Yosemite Falls near Eagle Peak.
      > I'll be heading for Horeshoe Meadow (south of Whitney Portal) on
      > 1. A group of us are going to peak Cirque and Langley and then I
      > hike out 'NoBo' to Tuolumne Meadows.
      > I'll have a real small blue Golite Pack and will be solo. Say 'hi'
      > you see me marybeth.
      > have a great hike,
      > frank
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