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1341Re: [John Muir Trail] Shelter?

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  • Reuben Gerber
    Jul 30, 2006

      Generally it does not rain past six in the evenings in the month of August and Sept. That being said I was in a snow storm 2 years ago in the last week of September near the Darwin Bench area that lasted two days. We do get several thunderstorms that come through the Sierras this time of year. Most storms role in in the late afternoon and "usually" start to clear around sundown.I have done many extended backpacking trips in the Sierras with only a bivy sack. It's a toss up. Sometimes I prefer my tarp tent (Golite Lair1) to keep some of the wind off me or to shade the moon so i don't feel like I'm being interrogated at two in the morning. I use a O.R. Bivy which is the same weight as my tarp tent. Sometimes in late summer I do prefer the tarp tent because it allows me to regulate my temperature more than the bivy. I can lay my sleeping bag over part of me where in the bivy I sometimes get a little to warm and end up sleeping on top of it. Hope this info helps....

      All the Best,
      Reuben Gerber

      benchcompton <benchcompton@...> wrote:
      So I'm going to try to do about 10 days of the JMT (or something good
      nearby if anyone has any suggestions...). My shelter broke earlier
      this summer, but I hear that the weather is so good on the JMT that a
      tent/tarp is generally unneccessary anyway. Any thoughts/past
      experiences involving hiking out there without a tent?

      Thanks very much,

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