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1339RE: [John Muir Trail] Re: Jet Boil Stove

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  • Lesley Fulton
    Jul 27, 2006
      jay,I absolutely love my jetboil - and i have had no problems in 2 years using it. the highest I have used it is at the very top of mount whitney (14,497 fit))!!! - and the water boiled in minutes!! the efficiency (meaning instead of the usual one "click" to turn it on - it might take two or three) does decrease when the fuel is low....other than that - no problems (and i love the easy clean up!!)hopefully this helps youTo: johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.comFrom: sriprank@...: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 16:37:26 +0000Subject: [John Muir Trail] Re: Jet Boil Stove

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "Jay Strine" <hundyff@...> wrote:
      > I need information on the Jet Boil Stove. I have used a MSR
      > Whisperlite since they first came out in the mid 80's. I just
      > purchased a Jet Boil. I am going on a hike in August, the elevation
      > will be 10,300ft. I was told that the stove will not work effectively
      > at that altitude. I know white gas is better, but I only need to boil
      > water and that is all. Has anyone used a jet boil at high altitude
      > and what was your expierence. Any help would be appreciated.
      > Thank you
      > Jay Strine

      I've used the past two years without any problems. I did the entire
      JMT on one 250gm cannister with four 12oz boils/day for 13 days.

      I even used the cheaper Gigapower fuel.

      The Jet Boil and MSR Cannister is a better fuel mixture. The
      efficienty does decrease a bit as the cannister nears empty. I even
      used for snowcamping and although it doesnen't work as well as white
      gas for melting snow if you take steps to keep the cannister warm it
      still does the job.


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