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1294Re: [John Muir Trail] Yosemite Update

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  • Jared Doty
    Jun 10 6:51 PM
      Hopefully some additional details will help. I have a timeline between late June (after the 24th until July 18th to choose from. I was thinking July would be warmer and make it easier to pack.

      I am glad you included which specific things I would like to see. I enjoy the small lakes and streams. The large vista's are nice, but I like a nice small spot to setup and take some pictures and maybe eat some before I trek on.

      I can do 20 miles per day and be comfortable, and i am used to more dry areas (White Sands). It would be easier to have an end point I can catch a bus at back to my vehicle.

      Thanks so much for helping.

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      From: Dan McGuire <dwmcguire@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, June 10, 2006 2:55:23 PM
      Subject: RE: [John Muir Trail] Yosemite Update

      Hey Jared,

      There's some great hikes to choose from - maybe a little more information
      would help us help you...

      -What month are you thinking of going?
      -How many miles a day are you comfortable with?
      -When you think of Yosemite, are you more interested in large, sweeping
      vistas, intimate little lakes, narrow river canyons? Lots to choose from....

      So many great choices!



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      Wondering if someoen can help me. I have visited Yosemite several times, but
      I am looking for between a 3-5 day hike for an athletice but not experienced
      hiker. I prefer to not have to pack much cold related gear, I've hiked more
      deserts than anything.

      I want to run into some, but not a lot of hikers and want to have taken home
      some great photos.

      Any sure routes out there?

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      --- In johnmuirtrail@ yahoogroups. com, "dive_hike" <dive_hike@. ..> wrote:
      > Lesley,
      > This is an awesome section! Lyell Canyon is beautiful, and the
      > lakes on the south side of Donohue pass are as nice as any in the
      > Sierras.

      > There are a few trail junctions on the south side of Donohue - I've
      > heard of hikers taking a wrong turn at Shadow Lake and ending up at
      > Agnew Meadows. The trails can also get confusing in the Devil's
      > Postpile area. Just bring a map, and its easy to figure out.
      > Harrison's JMT maps work fine.
      > My only complaint about this section is that the trail gets very
      > dusty near Red's Meadow due to the horse traffic. No big deal.
      > The people at Red's Meadow are very nice:
      > http://redsmeadow. com/index. htm
      > If anything, 5 days may be too much time - make sure you have other
      > activities planned (fishing, photography, side trips, etc.).
      > The climb out of Lyell Canyon is fairly easy for experienced hikers,
      > but it could be a little strenuous for non-backpackers - especially
      > if they pack too much (heavy) gear. I'd spend some time with your
      > friends getting their pack weight down before you go.
      > Light equals fun in backpacking! Also, there is plenty of water on
      > this section, so there is no need to carry more than a few pounds of
      > water at any time. Just stop and filter / purify more water.
      > Finally, this is probably the most active bear section. Nothing to
      > worry about - they just want your food - be prepared.
      > Have a great time.

      I agree with Dive here. Just go from TM to the campground the first
      day. That will allow sometime to aclimate to the altitude for the
      group. It is different for everybody. The trail is very, very wet
      here. If your group are wearing boots be sure they are well sealed
      and try and bring extra socks that dry fast. Between the wet trail
      and the snow on Donohue you will have wet feet.

      You have penty of time. You might want to do some side or day trips
      out of the Thousand Island Lakes area. If you get a chance check out
      'Sierra North' by Thomas Winnett (Wilderness Press)

      The main problem backpackers here have is weight. Depending on your
      group size you will be carrying several bear cans. The garcias are
      heavy so keep that factor in mind while you pack.

      have fun.



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