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12834Re: [John Muir Trail] "High Sierra - A Journey on the John Muir Trail"

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  • Peter Burke
    Feb 27, 2011
      On 2/26/2011 4:37 PM, rwilly001 wrote:
      > This film from Pete Bell probably already has been covered here, but I didn't see anything with a quick forum search:
      > http://vimeo.com/1845374
      - "unable to cram anything else into their bear proof canisters, food
      and other scented items were carefully hung in a tree above camp. This
      is not an approved food storage method"

      - "it stole all of our food..."

      TM to Reds and they can't fit their food into their cans? What did they
      do after MTR? Pull a cart?

      But they made it, which after such a rough beginning is quite
      impressive. I've seen folks in better shape who threw in the towel once
      they got to Reds..
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