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1263Snow Update

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  • dive_hike
    Apr 28, 2006
      First the bad news:

      This year has seen record snowfall for the Northern portion of the
      JMT. Mammoth received 664" total - an alltime record!
      Click on Snowfall History

      In Yosemite, Tioga Road plowing will begin on Monday (May 1st).
      Although there is no estimated completion date, it will probably
      open in late June (or even early July). You can follow the progress

      And some good news:

      The Southern portion of the JMT had above average snowfall, but less
      than the record years. As an example, Upper Tyndall Creek (UTY)
      currently has 28.30" of snow water content. In 1998, UTY had 46.5"
      on April 28th and in 1983 it had 61.7". Crabtree has 25.8" snow
      water content, it had 52.4" in 1983.

      And some even better news:

      The weather has turned very warm and is forecast to stay warm for
      the next week or more. Spring is here! It was over 80F in Yosemite
      Valley today, and was warm in Mammoth too. Here is the NWS forecast
      for Yosemite:

      The Spring melt has started. The Merced River station at Happy
      Isles just set a new all time flow record for an April 28th. The
      melt is starting a couple of weeks earler than last year and might
      really help:

      To watch the snow in Yosemite, I suggest this live cam of Half Dome
      from near Sentinel Dome:

      There is still plenty of snow on Half Dome and Clouds Rest.

      I'll be hiking San Jacinto next weekend and I'll check the snow.
      SoCal is supposed to have a warming trend this coming week too and I
      think San Jacinto will be clear soon.

      Best to all.
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