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1260warm up hikes

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  • Bob
    Apr 20 12:25 PM
      I'm planning on taking 3 three-day hikes between May 15 and June 15 in
      preparation for my JMT hike this year. With the heavy snowpack do any
      of you have recommendations for 30 mile trips in the Sierra which will
      require limited wading, hair-raising creek crossings, or lots of
      snow? After June 15 I'll try to get a 3 more 3-day trips with some
      altitude, which will present some of the same problems + bugs, but
      there's no conditioning for hiking like hiking. Last year I went up
      past Lake Merced from YV, which is always a great trip, but had water
      almost up to my waist after Bunnel Cascade. - BobR
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