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1254Re: [John Muir Trail] best way to heat water?

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  • Dan McGuire
    Apr 16, 2006
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      My two cents, which is probably only worth half of that follows:

      White gas (ie whisperlite or some such) overkill for the trail. Heavy. Loud. Not needed for the meals you're cooking.
      Esbit - stinky, can be very hard to light, especially in a bit of a breeze, once they get going they go like gangbusters, can leave a nasty residue, impossible to accidentally spill. Easy to toss in a resupply box, though probably illegal to ship. Nice to have a couple as a back up, but I stopped using as a cooking source due to issues noted above.
      Alcohol (cat can stove, pepsi can stove, etc) - easy and simple. Fuel is available in Red's Meadow and in VVR. Simple, lightweight, quiet and odor free. My personal favorite.

      Hope that helps a bit,


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      I'm going to be doing the JMT in late Aug and would like some comments
      on the type of stove to bring. The choices are white gas, alcohol,
      and solid fuel stoves. I plan on doing mostly dehydrated meals, so I
      plan on heating water for the dinner meal only. I'm leaning toward
      the Esbit type but would like to hear from other about the pros and



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