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12385Re: [John Muir Trail] Camping spots between YV and TM

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  • Peter Burke
    Feb 4, 2011
      On 2/4/2011 9:44 AM, masonmj84 wrote:
      > New forum member, long time lurker. I've hiked most of the JMT twice, but started both times at Tuolumne. Have never done the section between YV and TM (didn't want to deal with crowds, permit hassles, and 5,000 ft. climb). Lately, however, my inner purist has been driving me to do the whole thing.
      > My plan is to hike the YV to TM section in about 2.5 days, arriving at TM around noon on the third day (I'm not planning on any side trips, e.g., Half Dome). On the first day, I'd like to get in about 7-9 miles (past the Cloud's Rest turnoff but before the last big climb to Sunrise). On the second day, I'd like to get somewhere between Long Meadow and Upper Cathedral Lake. I'm interested in suggested camping spots in both of these areas.

      how does this place look to you? Located north of the trail, about 600
      feet before the Tenaya Lake Trail intersection, just across a small
      stream that is not on the map


      location - zoom in on the southern end of the GPS track on this map


      and the northern end of that day's hike, just after Cathedral Lakes, we
      found a small site about 300 feet off the trail and impossible to see
      from the trail. We just walked off trail to find something after we
      filled up with water, knowing that any further down the trail it would
      become too steep to find any sites.

      not luxury, but good enough for our needs - I am sure there are dozens
      of these sites if you go off trial and look:

      If you want to camp above the lakes, you can find a lot of flat ground
      up there before you drop down to Cathedral Lakes, but there's no water
      once the snow melts on the pass and it can be quite exposed on a windy
      day. At the lakes it can get pretty swampy (that was our problem). Any
      closer to Sunrise in the other direction, and the terrain gets steep
      until you hit the meadow area, and there the mosquitoes will chase you
      off anyway unless it is September.

      Another nice site for your first camp before Sunrise can be found where
      the JMT crosses Sunrise Creek before the steep climb. Actually, there
      are two crossings and at the first one there's a decent site, but the
      really nice one comes after the second crossing, just before it pulls up
      steeply. Look for the big cut logs left of the trail:

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