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12345RE: [John Muir Trail] Score! Permit granted. & 2.5 lb. a day...wet?

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  • Don Amundson
    Feb 2, 2011
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      I'll make the assumption that when you say "not dry" you're talking about freeze dried.  I did say I don't use freeze dried food and I should further clarify that by saying I don't use packaged freeze dried meals.  I do sometimes use freeze dried instant coffee and freeze dried ground beef to add to my meals when I can find it at a reasonable price. More often than not I dehydrate my own beef.
      Everything else I like to carry as dry as possible. Heaven knows there is no lack of water on the JMT so why carry any as part of your food when and where you can avoid it. Without boring everyone with the meal to meal details I generally carry whatever food I'm not tired of at the moment. My current choices for main meals are instant mashed potatoes, dehydrated beans, small pastas, Knorr rice sides and small grain mixes. To each meal I add either "real" bacon bits or dehydrated beef or salami or pepperoni and a 5oz olive oil packet. Sometimes for dinner I'll also have a tortilla and/or cheese stick.  Lunches are combinations of salami, cheese, crackers, tortillas and sometimes tuna in a pack.  Breakfast is a granola mix with vanilla flavored protein powder, sometimes a breakfast bar and an occasional instant oatmeal.  Snacks are varying combinations of pepperoni sticks, cheese, nuts, dried fruit, candy bars. I also carry different types of re-hydration drink mixes. 
      In my experience choice of trail food is an ever evolving process. Some foods I used to take for granted as being essential are no longer on my menu. I like to experiment with different things (much to the chagrin of my wife). I always test things on the trail during short trips so I'm not surprised on a long trip. Sometimes the pasta meal that re-hydrated well at home turns into a disaster on the trail.
      If you like to actually cook food as opposed to simply re-hydrating your choices of food broaden.
      Regarding the amount of food I can carry, I had  6 days in a Bearvault 450 last year. If I remember correctly in 2009 I could only get 6-7 days worth in a Bearvault 500.  I guess I'm improving.


      From: ewa.bialkowski@...


      And I am curious as to what food you carry if is not dry. How many days of food can you carry?


      On Feb 2, 2011, at 11:51 AM, Don Amundson <amrowinc@...> wrote:

      "Freeze-drying entrains a lot of air, so it does not work well for bearcan country."  John Curran Ladd

      Care to elaborate for us John?  I'm having a hard time envisioning a freeze dried product having any more air in it than the same non freeze dried product. I stopped using freeze dried food for a number of reasons, but entrained air was not one of them so I am curious.

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