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12335Re: [John Muir Trail] Lightning safety (repost)

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  • Peter Burke
    Feb 2, 2011
      On 2/2/2011 12:00 PM, Peter Burke wrote:

      Also - why isn't there a simple lightning rod on that thing or on the Whitney hut? They are rather simple devices and could easily be added and save a few lives over time.

      gotta correct that (I haven't bothered to go to the summit since about 1992 I think) - guess the victims of 1990 sued the government and won - now there's rods and wires and warning signs all over

      quote from an old forum post here http://www.whitneyzone.com/wz/ubbthreads.php/topics/1460/Lightning_Lesson

      "The hut is much different now than before the tragedy. It has massive lightning rods galore, anchored to the ground in several places away from the hut itself. I haven't looked closely, but my impression is that they are of copper cable, almost a half inch in diameter. The floor is now wooden and raised, to offer a somewhat insulated pad for people to stand/sit/lay on. There is no doubt that it is much safer than before.

      The other thing they have done is erect prominent signs, warning people that the hut is not safe and you should descend in the event of a lightning storm.

      I have joked to people that the NPS engineers have made the hut the safest spot on the mountain, and the NPS lawyers have erected the signs. But I'm not sure I'm joking."

      Still leaves the Muir Hut without lightning rods.
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