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  • Frank Martin
    Mar 2, 2006
      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, Vera Lehmkuhl <vjl_47@...> wrote:
      > When we were planning last year the only reason to stop at Muir
      Ranch we thought was the ability to resupply before you go into that
      last LONG stretch carrying 9 million pounds of food. Where else can
      you resupply? I know some have said they hike a side trail to
      somewhere but I can't figure out where...and if its to the parking lot
      of that trail ...how do you guarantee a ride down and back to the trail?
      > thanks,
      > vera

      A lot of people on the PCT use the Post Office at Independence for
      resupply. People come out of Rae lakes going Sobo cross Glenn Pass and
      go directly up to Kersage Lakes. NoBO you are coming from Upper
      Viddete. If your timings are right on you can camp at KL and start
      down early morning to Onion Valley and hitch a ride to Independence.
      Go to the P.O. and back up kersage in one day. I did this some years
      back and just left most of my gear with a friend at the campsite and
      went down with an empty pack. He spent the day fishing. Of course you
      must be sure the P.O. is open and not a Sunday or Holiday. There are
      also motels in Independence that cater to hikers . Some provide
      shuttle to/from Onion valley but really it is a easy hitch. There is
      also a small expensive store there that doesn't really stock that much
      for hikers. A lot of through hikers will opt to go to Bishop which
      has a major supermarket (Ralph's) or to Lone Pine which has a smaller
      one. Not much for food there other than a Subway Sandwich shop and a
      very good but expensive restaurant. But really if doing the JMT you
      are pretty close to the end of the line. Just 3-4 days or less to the
      Portal. A lot of times you will find hikers just dying to rid
      themselves of extra food weight who will give you all you need.

      You might also check with the packers at the stables at Onion Valley.
      A lot of times people just leave extra stuff with them, particularly
      extra fuel as people can't take it with them on airplanes.

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