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1188Re: [John Muir Trail] rides

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  • Frank Martin
    Feb 24, 2006
      What I did was park my car at TM and cache 13 days food in the Bear
      Lockers there and hitched down to the Backpackers Campground. I got a
      late start because I had to pick up my permit the next day. I
      intended to stop at Sierra Camp but the bugs there were so bad I just
      went on to just short of TM.

      I went from TM to the Portal without resupply. I don't know if I
      would ever do this again but it was a interesting experiment to see
      how my body held up with the food and long hiking days.

      The other thing I just hated the bureaucracy of resupply. The store
      at RED's closes at 6 or 7 PM, the boat at VVR leaves at 2x/day and the
      detour at MTR. I just wanted to hike as far as I could each day and
      not think about any of this.

      It worked for me.

      I was at Yosemite two weekends ago. Not really much snow there. We
      hiked up the road to Ostander and camped and did Sentinel Dome. Of
      course a lot could change between now and late June but compared to
      last winter very little snow up there.

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