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1158RE: [John Muir Trail] north to south or south to north?

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  • Dan McGuire
    Feb 4, 2006
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      Hey Colleen,

      I've experience the JMT from both the north and south bound perspectives,
      having thru hiked the PCT(northbound) in 02 and the JMT(southbound) in 05. I
      would unhesitatingly vote for a south bound trip for a few reasons:

      -Aesthetic: IMHO, the trail becomes grander and grander as you progress
      south. Don't get me wrong, Lyle Canyon is awesome, Cathedral Peaks are
      amazing, but few things in the world compare to the high country around
      Forester Pass - not to mention Whitney itself. In traveling southbound, I
      think the scenery gets progressively more stunning, constantly answering the
      question of "What could possibly be better than this?"

      -Acclimatization: The climb out of Yosemite Valley is more gradual than
      the attack up Whitney. Your body will thank you for it. Also, when you
      summit Whitney, you'll barely be breathing hard and will be able to feel
      smug around all of those dying as they try to do it in one day.

      -Resupply: Your first week on the trail is going to be the toughest as
      your body adjusts. You have more frequent resupply options in the northern
      half, thus lowering your pack weight in the early days of your hike. Also,
      you have more bail out options if things aren't going well.

      -Social interaction: It's my sense, completely unsupported by any
      research, that most JMT'ers head south. By heading the same way, you'll be
      able to see those wonderful people you meet along the trail over and over

      -Transportation: Not sure what you're doing for transport to and from
      the trail, but if your leaving a car at one end and getting back to it, I
      think that it is probably easier to hitch a rider back to Yosemite than it
      is to hitch back to Lone Pine. I've had great success with getting rides on
      395, less luck in Yosemite.

      That's my two cents...in the end, you can't really go wrong either way, just
      being on the trail is amazing! Enjoy your planning and prep, and remember to
      hike your own hike - no matter how much advice we all may dish out.


      a.k.a Scooter


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      Subject: [John Muir Trail] north to south or south to north?

      those of you who have done it which way would you reccommend for a
      first-timer? im planning on summer of 07 after i graduate from
      college...should be awesome!

      sierra sport High
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