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1117RE: [John Muir Trail] Stream crossings N of Muir Pass?

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  • Singewald
    Aug 20, 2005

      I just completed the Bishop Pass - Muir Pass - Piute Pass loop (55 miles)
      over the past 3 days and I had no problems with the ford of Evolution Creek.
      I crossed it at 9:30 a.m. about 10 feet upstream of the trail. I crossed
      with only a pair of socks on and the depth never exceeded my knees (I am 6'
      tall). The current was not significant and with hiking sticks it was a very
      simple crossing. During the five minutes that I spent drying my feet and
      lacing up my boots, I watched 4 other "senior" hikers cross as well. They
      choose to go upstream a bit further (25 yards or so). It was a bit
      shallower there but the current was a bit stronger. They made it without
      problems as well.

      I thought I would share a bit more as well... Between the Bishop Pass/JMT
      Junction and the Piute Pass/JMT Junction I crossed paths with at least 50
      JMT south bounders. All indicated that they had run into some nasty weather
      on Monday and Tuesday. Several folks indicated that Muir Pass received a
      dusting of snow on Monday night as well. I also spoke with no less than 10
      people on my way over Bishop Pass that were bailing off the trail as they
      had had enough. Finally, although a second-hand report, one hiker told me
      that he had run into several hikers that were going ultra light without
      tents and were stranded high on Muir Pass on Tuesday night and were in poor
      condition coming off the pass Wednesday morning. Again, I can not confirm
      this as I did not run into them.

      Mosquitoes? In 3 days, I only pulled out the 3M Ultrathon 30% deet and
      head-net one time and that was at Hutchinson Meadows on the Piute Pass
      trail. I didn't encounter a single mosquito at any other point in my 3
      days. This was the first time I have brought along a head-net and I will
      say that I will never hike in the Sierras without it. Simply incredible!

      Take it easy.


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      Subject: [John Muir Trail] Stream crossings N of Muir Pass?

      Friends and I are hiking Florence Lake to Muir Pass and back next
      week. Does anyone have recent info about stream crossings, especially
      Evo Creek? We have a couple of older folks who are very fit but not
      agile. We'll take rope, sandals and extra socks. Anything else? Many
      thanks for any info and advice.

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